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Currently, a new generation of food Products Functional Nutrition - is becoming particularly relevant. This is due to the huge number of products produced with the addition of artificial ingredients that enhance the taste, smell and extend the shelf life.


Such products already lack vital components of nutrients: amino acids, minerals, dietary fiber, etc. There is a shortage of them among representatives of all sectors of society, both developing and developed countries.

For the production of Functional Nutrition Products, it is necessary to conduct a complex of chemical, physiological, hygienic and technological studies. The basis of the production of innovative Functional food products should be based on fundamental highly professional industrial complex surveys and tests.

The birthplace of the concept of physiologically functional foods for the nutrition of the human body is Japan, which in 1989 adopted the law on improving nutrition. The new system was aimed at helping to promote the production of food products aimed at solving serious health problems.


The Japanese government recognizes Functional Nutrition as an alternative to drug therapy.

In the early 1990s, the concept of food products specifically used to maintain health was formulated, which soon received active support in many countries. Today, the list of functional ingredients has been significantly expanded. These include dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and other biologically active substances (BAS).

In accordance with world practice, a product is considered functional if the regulated content of micronutrients in it is sufficient to meet (at the usual level of consumption) 25-50% of the average daily need for these components.

Japanese researchers have identified 3 conditions that determine functional food:
  • food (and not a capsule, tablet or powder) prepared from natural natural ingredients;

  • it can and should be consumed as part of a daily diet;

  • it has a pronounced effect regulating individual processes in the body (strengthening the mechanism of biological defense, preventing a certain disease, controlling physical and mental state, slowing aging).

The most important characteristic of any functional nutrition product is a complete protein-amino acid composition.  At its core, Functional Food Products are Products of Increased Nutritional Value.

Functional Food Products - what is it.

Functional foods for the nutrition of the human body are special food products positioned by manufacturers for systematic use as part of food rations by all age groups of a healthy population.

produktiy_funkcionalnogo_pitaniya100% natural composition, a high level of production technology and quality that gives tangible and quick results are the standards that guarantee success and love of consumers.

Functional nutrition includes food products of systematic use that preserve and improve health and reduce the risk of developing diseases due to the presence of functional ingredients in their composition. They are not medicines, but they prevent:

  • occurrence of certain diseases;

  • promote the growth and development of children;

  • inhibit the aging of human body.

Products containing phytoadaptogens allow you to expand the reserves of the body and adapt to such adverse environmental factors as cold, heat, lack of oxygen, ionizing radiation, intense physical and mental stress.

Functional Nutrition contributes to the formation of a Healthy Lifestyle.

Functional Nutrition Products Composition.

One of the main factors contributing to the development of the production of functional products is the lifestyle of the average inhabitant of our planet, characterized by a sharp decrease in physical activity, which leads to increased requirements for the quality of food.

Our ancestors spent a lot of energy during the day and together with a lot of food received enough vitamins and trace elements, and today the population of the planet Earth is in completely different energy-consuming conditions. Reducing the volume of consumed products makes it necessary to enrich them.

Functional Foods contain a huge amount of biologically active components, which include:


Types of Functional Products:
  • Soups;

  • Porridge;

  • Dairy products;

  • Drinks and Cocktails;

  • Bakery products;

  • Sports nutrition.


Functional Nutrition Products Property.

Use in the diet of Functional Nutrition products contributes to the partial restoration of the intestinal microflora, stabilization of the total antioxidant activity of the blood, which is extremely important, since excessive accumulation of oxygen free radicals and reactive oxygen species in biological fluids contributes to the development of many diseases, including such as cardiovascular, diabetes mellitus, oncological.

productiy_funkcionalnogo_pitaniya_lechenieAdaptogens contained in Functional Food products have one common property - the ability to have a strong restorative effect, increase tone, performance, immunity.

Under their influence, the permeability of cell membranes for carbohydrates, proteins and fatty acids increases, the sensitivity of muscle cells to endogenous insulin, which activates the penetration of protein molecules, mineral salts, carbohydrates into the cell, as well as glucose into tissue cells that assimilate it in a non-insulin way.

Adaptogens contribute to the restoration of body functions, which creates conditions for the realization of optimal physical performance and mental activity. These drugs, for today, have proven their high effectiveness in sports and medicine, and most importantly - in maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle (HLS).


According to Japanese and American scientists, it is Functional Products that will change the general structure of nutrition of all people on Earth in the near future, they will half displace the market of medicines.


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