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Medicinal Tinctures

Tinctures infusions use guide features the treatment of diseases in the home alcohol tinctures full replacement drugs buy a shop of traditional medicine.

Health Extracts very often found in the form of alcoholic tinctures that can be used both externally and used inside. They are a concentrate of all the power plant herbs. Let's see what is their strength and advantages.


Disadvantages and Advantages of tinctures.

nastoyki_nastoiThe strength and the healing properties of medicinal plants studied man sufficiently and, therefore, for the treatment and prevention, we often use the tops and roots of a wide variety of herbs and plants (roots and herbs, fruits and stems, juice and inflorescence, etc.). Dry them, grind, brew and insist. However, of particular interest for the prevention and treatment of alcoholic liquors is the use of herbs and fruits.

Properly prepared medicinal tinctures inherent flavor and taste of medicinal raw materials. In their mind they are transparent and very strong, as the liquid base is alcohol. In pure form, tinctures, most often used - externally. For internal use 15-20 drops of tincture diluted medicinal (but not always) a few tablespoons of boiled water.

Being an excellent solvent, alcohol pulls out medicinal plant all its healing properties and, depending on the strength of the alcohol, tincture can be kept more or less time (on the healing properties - tincture fortress is not affected). Optimal fortress liqueurs considered "vodka" - it is well kept, and the taste - is acceptable.

At its core, medicinal tinctures (extracts) are therapeutic drug concentrate is conveniently stored (harvested preparation can be for the future). Shelf life of medicinal alcohol tinctures typically 40-60 ° - 2-3 years.


Tinctures and infusions difference.

When using traditional medicine should distinguish between medicinal infusions and tinctures. Infusions are made on the water by boiling water in the brewing herbs, plant parts and their further boiling, boiling and prolonged infusion. Sometimes, infusions made cold process. Despite their affordability, infusions has two significant drawbacks. Firstly, their cooking time (decoction or boiling in water bath). Secondly, the shelf life - not long (even when stored in the refrigerator). Therefore, they should be regularly cook fresh, during the entire treatment period, moreover, to keep the ingredients so that they are not spoiled and have not lost their healing properties.

Another thing - a tinctures. At its core, the tincture is an alcoholic extract of therapeutic drug. Alcohol - a wonderful solvent that very effectively "pulls" from the source material all its medicinal and healing components.

In practice, almost all recipes infusions may be implemented in the form of tinctures.

Another one of the finest qualities of liqueurs (except for their effectiveness) is their long shelf life. As a rule - at least 2-3 years, which makes it easy to prepare the required number of infusions (until the next harvesting season). In fact, tinctures are concentrated therapeutic and healing drug. And if infusions and teas in the treatment have to drink "glasses", then healing tincture drops applied. Tinctures may be applied even in the treatment of various diseases in children.

Homemade tinctures properties and applications.

domahnie_nastoykiAll medicinal tinctures have an antiseptic effect. Their high efficiency noticed in the treatment of diseases such as respiratory infection, damage to the disinfection of the skin, muscle rub, but, in the therapy - more serious diseases. However, knowing this, anyway, before taking tinctures nebhodimo consultation with your physician. The main thing - do not use alcohol tinctures yourself with complex and serious diseases.

Tincture clear advantage in comparison with other forms of medical herbs (e.g., infusions and decoctions water) is of a small dimension.

Preparation of infusions at home - very popular. It is very convenient because the person himself can adjust the fortress izgotavlevaemogo extract, select medicinal raw materials, with certain useful qualities. There is a conventional technology for manufacturing medicinal tinctures (in some cases, are subject to change, only some ingredients ratio).

For long-term storage tinctures do not necessarily rely on his good memory. On butylkov need to sign - the date of manufacture, the name of the plant and, if necessary, - method of application.

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