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What is cellulite.


Cellulite - is peculiar changes of adipose tissue, which contribute to the deformation of the skin and make it look similar to orange peel.

Cellulite deposits are usually formed on the ass, legs and abdomen. Fat cells that are found in the subcutaneous fat layer, surrounded by connective tissue. In the case when adipose cells grow in volume, connecting fiber, under pressure, stretched, but reached its maximum stretch, fat cells are sealed to prevent further stretching of the skin.
Compaction, at the joints with the skin, they pull her inside, which creates the cellulitis.

Causes of orange peel are:

  • Hormonal imbalance (various failures of the ovaries, thyroid and other endocrine disorders);

  • Hereditary factors (especially metabolism, structure of the skin and body);

  • Violation of protein metabolism;

  • Chronic fatigue, eating disorders, stress;

  • Environmental factors;

  • Smoking and alcohol.

As a result of these factors is broken mikrotserkulyatsiya blood in the subcutaneous tissue, because it does not enter the cells of oxygen, resulting in cell adipose tissue dies. Dead cells form a kind of lumps of fat that melts and cellulite dimples.


Stages defeat cellulite and its treatment.

Before proceeding to the treatment of tsellujlite is first necessary to determine its stage. For each stage of cellulite deposits requires a definite treatment.

1_stadiya_tsellujlitaThe First Stage of cellulite.

In the first stage, many women cellulite simply do not notice, because the orange peel in the first stage is not yet visible. At this stage, it can be seen lishpoteryu elasticity of the skin in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs. See cellulite bumps, you can only squeeze skin with your hands. The increase in the buttocks and thighs - is the first sign of impending trouble.

At the time when the subcutaneous layers of the skin occurs metabolic disorder occurs swelling of the subcutaneous fat. Cope with tsellujlite, help special packs, exercise and anti-cellulite massage.

2_stadiya_tsellujlitaThe Second Stage of cellulite.

During the second stage of cellulite deposits excess fat and liquid form noticeable bumps, which are noticeable eye and easily palpated. This is due to the fact that the fat and liquid peredavlivaya vessels themselves sealed in the subcutaneous layers.

At this stage of cellulite all measures necessary to strengthen several times (massage, sauna, dety, exercise). Of salon tools in the second step to get rid of cellulite, will use hardware massage.

3_stadiya_tsellujlitaThe Third Stage of cellulite.

During the third stage of cellulite deposits orange peel is simply impossible not to notice. Fat cells disrupt blood flow, tissue infringes nerve endings, causing your skin loses sensitivity.

During suffers defeat cellulite and muscle tissue, it thickens and can no longer be reduced in a natural way. As a result, we get a rough skin, which is rapidly losing sensitivity and aesthetic appearance.

Get rid of cellulite, help more forgiving, but no less effective methods: lipolipoliz, ultrasound and elektrolipoliz. In this massage, diet and exercise should not be forgotten. All these procedures will help to accelerate the process of the treatment of cellulite, will establish the metabolic processes in the tissues and retain the result.

4_stadiya_tsellujlitaThe Fourth Stage of cellulite.

The fourth stage - a real pathology. In this case, the skin on your buttocks becomes like a porous sponge-like tissue, bloated and full of seals, and sometimes even bluish color. This appearance suggests significant blood circulation disorders, muscle atrophy and nerve lesions.

When you touch the skin cold and dense. This stage of cellulite deposits threatens the development of various inflammatory processes and tissue necrosis.

At the fourth step to get rid of tsellujlite is not so easy, but it is possible. Work here will have serious and many. There will be an effective method of liposuction, maybe even non-invasive, it will help to release the vessels and tissues and restore their normal functioning.


We should not forget that the basis for the development of cellulite is wrong metabolism. At the same time get rid of cellulite deposits, can only only having established the correct way of life.

Proper and healthy food, massage (it can be separate), the use of anti-cellulite creams and serums, regular exercise and other treatments to help get rid of cellulite and prevent relapses.

If you find yourself cellulite from the first to the third stage, inclusive, you may well be able to cope with it - yourself. If certain measures you can quickly get rid of cellulite on the ass and legs. In many modern beauty salons and cosmetic clinics you will be offered a variety of treatment programs cellulite deposits. For example, elektrolipoliz.

Another method treatment of cellulite - a mechanical lymphatic drainage. Thus on the tsellujlite affected area of ​​special electrodes are attached to stimulate muscle contraction, whereby the process is accelerated and the toxins, and adipose tissue.

In addition to a variety of hardware methods needed massages. However, do not expect from cellulite massage bliss, because the purpose of this massage is the breaking of accumulated fat. During this anti-tsellujlite massage using different techniques.

Problem areas that are damaged orange peel, actively massaged in a circular, chopping and rubbing movement. Tsellujlite massage allows for a fairly significant results in the treatment of cellulite, because the massage helps to eliminate toxins, regulates blood circulation and burns fat.


How to get rid of cellulite at home.

In order to get rid of cellulite deposits in home conditions must be observed ten simple enough rules. Overclock your laziness, have patience and start to fight with orange bark.

1. Cleansing the body.

Get rid of cellulite, helps cleaning the body. This will help us funds and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. These means may include charcoal. Cure cellulite help and herbal teas. For the preparation of this drink you will need a licorice root, birch leaves, elder flowers and fruits of fennel.

All of these ingredients should be taken in equal proportions, and then one teaspoon of the resulting mixture, brew a cup of boiling water and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. The tea is then cool and strain. The resulting tea should be divided into several parts and drink throughout the day.

Perfectly help get rid of cellulite and bath with minerals. In order to prepare a bath is necessary to pour a glass of water, soda and one cup of Glauber's salt. Take this bath should be for 15 minutes. But with such a procedure should be careful before applying it is necessary to consult a doctor.

2. Heavy drinking.

Everyone has long known the beneficial properties of pure water, and it will help get rid of cellulite at home. Thus it is necessary to drink per day somewhere 1.5 liters of water. Your drinking diet can be diluted in different drinks. In the fight against cellulite help carrot juice, pineapple juice, apple and many others vegetable and fruit juices.

Remember, you must make your own juices, juices purchased will not help. To prepare the Frechet better use unsweetened fruits and vegetables. In water and juice, add fresh lemon juice, which promotes active lipolysis.

3. Anti-cellulite diet.

Of course, not everyone likes to restrain themselves in the diet, but in the fight against cellulite, they certainly help. There are some rules for such treatment.

The first rule in the fight against cellulite deposits - is not to overeat and to limit the consumption of certain substances, such as fats. In case you have observed sensitivity to vegetable protein, it is better to use the gluten-free diet. It is necessary to exclude the flour and sugar and increase your intake of animal protein.

Products that can irritate the digestive tract is also better avoided. These products include a variety of salads, raw vegetables, canned foods, hot spices and various additives. All dishes are better steamed or boiled, if you cook or bake, it's better to do it without the fat.

4. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Activity may improve blood flow and oxygen supply to the tissues. Get rid of cellulite at home, you can help swimming, running, light exercise at the gym and stretching. Catching houses for 20-40 minutes a day, you will significantly improve the state of their thighs and buttocks.

5. Smoking Cessation.

Cope with cellulite at home, help rejection of nicotine and alcohol and caffeine. These three substances clog your body of free radicals, which is bad for the health and appearance. Completely exclude coffee should not need to just go with the instant coffee in the natural, and drink no more than one cup a day.

6. Anti-cellulite massage.

Massage - this is one of the most effective techniques against an orange peel. It is necessary to every free minute to do lymphatic drainage massage. It should be done along the lines of lymph flow, that is, reducing the upward (from the knee to the stomach).

It is necessary to work out every muscle while keeping your movements should be soft and smooth. If you regularly do massage 2 times a week, you are guaranteed to lose weight in the field being explored and tighten the skin. The effect of the massage will increase the use of anti-cellulite cosmetics and special massage oils.

7. SPA-procedures.

spa_protceduryToday there are a huge number of SPA-facilities that will help get rid of cellulite at home. The list of such agents include Treatment Muds, various scrubs and peels.

Such agents from orange peel perfectly digested fats and increase blood circulation, besides they can be perfectly clean the skin of toxins, nourish it and make it more elastic. During various anti-cellulite body wraps just need to follow all the instructions, and after the procedure is necessary to moisten the skin with milk or cream for the body.


Do not forget to take into account that such procedures have a number of contraindications:
  • heart disease;
  • varices;
  • hygiene and cancer.

One of these procedures can be therapeutic bath oil grapefruit.

8. Home remedies for cellulite.

At home, very convenient to use a variety of anti-cellulite creams and masks. These funds may well provide your skin with all necessary materials. It is desirable that these cosmetics were escin, ivy and iodine seaweed. At night you can use warm-up extracts of pepper and cinnamon.

If you apply them in the day, it is better to do before meals or 2 after Ches. Some anti-cellulite cream, and you can cook at home. It is better to use only natural ingredients.

9. Active lifestyle.

Begin to lead an active lifestyle - it's a great way to get rid of cellulite at home. Besides, it is a snap. Online you can find a large number of videos that help get rid of the orange peel. To begin will be sufficient for 30 minutes per day. Ride your bike, walk in the fresh air, go to the pool, squat.

10. Water Treatments.

With regular use of various types of water treatment to fight cellulite will be easier. Swimming, massage, water aerobics will make your form more attractive. An excellent tool in the fight against cellulite - douches and cold perfusion.

11. Health systems.

In order to strengthen the connective tissue and prevent further cellulite regularly use natural complexes. Clean your body of toxins and impurities and include in your diet more fiber and raw fruits and vegetables.

Remember, in order to get rid of cellulite, need to apply the measures in the complex. Only comprehensive measures to help you get rid of orange peel.

Treatment of cellulite mud.

cellulite_obertuvanieTherapeutic Mud is a great tool in the fight against cellulite. During the application of warm mud is intense sweating and disclosure of skin pores.

Due to its absorbent properties, mud then pulls out the contents of the fat cells. Mikroellementy, which are rich in mineral mud, stimulate the skin tone and give it elasticity.

To conduct anti-cellulite treatments, heat the mud to a temperature of 40-44 degrees. On the problem area of ​​the body, apply hot mud layer 1.2 - 1 cm and quickly wrap of cling film plastered in several layers. Top, wrap a thick towel. Lie down and take cover with a blanket. Procedure to spend 25-30 minutes, then wash off the dirt with water. Now you can apply any anti-cellulite cream. 

Recommended course - 10 sessions.

In the summer time the sun can be used so-called "Egyptian" mud treatment method. This method is convenient to use on the waterfront. He is smearing the body with a thin layer of dirt. Mud coated with various portions of the skin surface: a neck lymph node area, waist, legs, pelvis, or the entire body - depending on what the patient suffers. After that, apply a sun bath.

Mud of Shabolatsky estuary is oxidized in the sun dries up, starts to crack and keep up with the skin. Emerging sweat accelerates separation of mud crusts. When the dirt sufficiently dry thoroughly and start to keep up with the skin, it is necessary to wash it by going to the pond or in the shower, if the procedure goes home.

At home, the most applicable method of mud applications. This method does not require much dirt (as opposed, for example, from mud baths), and most importantly - easily tolerated by patients.

Dirt is heated by a steam bath to a temperature of 40-42 °. For this lower package packed dirt in the water at a temperature of about 60 ° C and hold for 20 minutes.

Then apply a thick layer of dirt on the body portion. At the same time, remember - to mud pack has been recognized benign, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Dirt should be the consistency and viscosity, so that it lay on the patient, not sliding either from above or from the sides and not squeezed out from under him;
  • Mud layer should have a thickness not less than 4 cm.

After this, the area of ​​the body, smeared with mud, wrapped up in series - sheets, oilcloth blanket. This is done so that the dirt at all times during the holiday procedures maintained as much as possible its temperature.

Duration of procedure - 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, the dirt is washed away under a warm shower. In any case do not use detergent, just water. After the session is needed peace and relaxation.

The course consists of mud therapy in most cases of 12-14 procedures, but this figure should be taken as merely indicative.

In the treatment of post-traumatic complications such as contractures, joint stiffness or gunshot osteomyelitis treatment consists of 18-24 local applications. When it comes to the treatment of sports injuries - bursitis, myositis, it is usually enough 4-5 procedures.



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